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Iphone 4 vs. Droid X Review

iphone4 vs droid x

iphone4 vs droid x

Iphone 4 Display
3.5 inch screen resolution 960×640
614,000 pixels

Droid X Display
4.3 inch screen resolution 854×480
409,000 pixels

So from looking at the specs, you have a larger screen with the Droid X, so you would think the Droid X display demolishes the Iphone 4 display. Well, you are wrong. You have to look at both of these phones from a pixel standpoint. More pixel density means crisper graphics, sharper text, less scrolling when your looking at text and browsing. So from a display standpoint.
Winner : Iphone 4

Iphone 4 Processor
Apple A4 processor

Droid X Processor
Texas Instruments OMAP processor running at 1.0 GHz.

The Iphone 4 processor is powerful and efficient. The Iphone 4 processor will make multitasking easy so you are able to browse, play music, and place FaceTime calls. The speed is clocked at 1ghtz. The Droid processor is very similar to the Iphone 4. The TI processor in the Droid X is faster than Motorola’s previously released snapdragon processor. Both processors make multitasking easy. We call this category a draw as both phones are screamers.
Winner: Draw

Iphone 4 Storage and Value

Iphone 4 16GB – $199
Iphone 4 32GB – $299

Droid X Storage and Value

8GB internal memory installed
16GB microSD card already installed
24 Total GB – $199

From a storage/value standpoint, the Droid X is clearly the winner because you have the ability to remove the 16GB and replace it with a 32GB. The maximum amount of Droid X storage is 40GB.
Winner: Droid X

Iphone 4 Keyboard
Portrait View & Landscape View

Droid X Keyboard
Portrait View & Landscape View

Comparing keyboards, the Droid X keyboard is impressive. It is well spreadout, easy to use. If however, you are entering text on both of these phones, they are very similar. The Droid X has an added feature which includes the microphone. If you click the microphone option, you are able to talk into your phone. This is nice if you are in a car and don’t have the hands to type out a long message. This option puts the Droid X over the top.
Winner: Droid X

Iphone 4 Browser vs. Droid X Browser

When we open the browser, the text on standard zoom with the Droid X is very hard to read. You are able to read the text on the Iphone 4 at standard zoom. There is no Flash on either device. Flash 10.1 may be available for Droid later on in 2010. The Iphone 4 offers a smoother experience when it comes to browsing while the Droid X can be jerky/laggy at times. You will notice the browser experience with the Iphone is much better. You may re-evaluate this when Flash comes to the Droid X.
Winner: Iphone 4

Iphone 4 Speed Test vs Droid X Speed Test

When on the same WiFi network, the Droid X is noticeably faster. The Droid X handly beats the Iphone 4 from a browser speed standpoint. Droid X web browsing wins the category.

The speed of opening different applications on the Iphone 4 and Droid X are very similar.
Winner: Droid X

Iphone 4 Camera vs. Droid X Camera

Iphone 4 – 5 MP LED Flash
Droid X – 8 MP 16×9 images dual LED Flash

After taking a few pictures with both phones, you will not notice the 3 megapixel difference. Image quality is very similar. From a still standpoint, the front facing camera on the Iphone 4 makes taking pictures much easier.
Winner: Iphone 4

Iphone 4 Video vs. Droid X Video

Iphone 4 – shoots 720p with two microphones
Droid X – shoots 720p with three microphones

Looking at the specs of both phones, you would think the Droid X would win in this category. But after putting both phones to the test, the Iphone 4′s video is noticeably better. Along with video, comes audio and even with the one-less speaker the Iphone 4 sound is great compared to the Droid X.
Winner: Iphone 4

Iphone 4 Operating System vs. Droid X Operating System

Both phones feature great multitasking ability along with great App stores.

Iphone 4
200,000 apps

Droid X
70,000 apps
Android 2.1 with motoblur
Moving wallpaper is a nice feature included on the Droid X.

This category really comes down to personal preference. My personal preference is the Droid X because it allows you to go outside the box. You are not confined to such programs as Itunes and such.
Winner: Droid X

Iphone 4 Battery Life vs. Droid X Battery Life

The Iphone 4 has one the best battery life specs in the entire phone industry so how do the two compare.

Iphone 4 Battery-
7 hours talktime
300 hours of standby time

Droid X Battery-
8 hours talktime
220 hours of standby time

One advantage with the Droid X is the removable battery. But I still think this category is wash because who actually carries spare batteries on them.
Winner: Draw

After reviewing both of these phones, the winner is the Iphone 4 by a very slim margin. But, again a majority of these categories deal with personal preference, so choose your flavor.

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